When I was 11 years old, I started doing chores for a neighbor that had German Wirehaired Pointers which he hunted, ran in AKC horseback trials and showed.  I spent a great deal of time with him, training, helping whelp puppies, etc.
I got my first wirehair, Tailor, from him soon after that.  Tailor and I hunted ducks, geese, pheasant, quail and even squirrels and rabbits for 11 years.
In the following years I owned and hunted over 2 more GWP’s.
In 1988, with the last AKC wirehair I had, I got involved with the Hawkeye Chapter of NAVHDA and met some people with Deustch Drahthaar’s (German Registered Wirehairs). 
In 1990 I got my first German Registered dog, Moses vom Wildrucken. Though our testing never advanced past Natural Ability in both NAVHDA and the VDD, we hunted a lot.  Mose passed away in July 2001.
In 2002 I imported Ebba vom Drostenberg from Germany and got very involved in training for VDD and NAVHDA tests.  In 2004 I applied for and got the kennel name 'vom Entenmoor'.  The name roughly translates to 'from Ducks Marsh', which is where we have the good fortune of living.  I am currently Vice-Chairman of the Heartland Chapter of the VDD, member of the DKV, Vice President and Training Director for Western Illinois NAVHDA and a member of Spoon River NAVHDA.  In addition, I completed the apprentice judge program for   the VDD in 2006 and was approved as a JGHV association judge in 2007.  It is an honor to serve in that capacity.

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The 4-Wheel Drive of Hunting Dogs
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