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Welcome Vom Entenmoor DD ImageWelcome to vom Entenmoor Deustch Drahthaar Kennel

We are a small kennel dedicated to training, hunting, testing and breeding the Deutsch Drahthaar. With that in mind, we host many training days and tests for various dog organizations.

We are always available to answer questions and discuss the virtues of the breed.

Upcoming Events


Training Day

Bobbi Benson 0 37

Meet at 6442 114th Ave at 7:00 AM

Training will be at 10447 55th Street

Bring your own snacks, lunch, beverages, chairs and supplies for your dog.


Training Day

Bobbi Benson 0 20

Meet at 6442 114th Ave.

Training will move to 10447 55th Street.

Bring your own snacks, lunch, beverages, chair, and supplies/water for your dog.



"X" Litter The January 2018 breeding did not take and will be repeated on the next heat cycle.

Bitch: Kat vom Entenmoor

Sire: Hammer vom Entenmoor